We Create

The power of imagination

Being creative means we burst with ideas – delivering the incredible and doing the impossible. We put imagination at the heart of everything we do, always asking questions and dreaming up new possibilities.

Mauka Mauka

The viral campaign that caught the spirit of competition.

The Star Writers Program is shaping the future of storytelling

A guiding principle for us is our belief in the power of storytelling and the transformative impact stories can have.

The Making of ‘Rufus’

The story behind the award-winning 'Rufus' Wimbledon promo that bagged a Gold at PromaxBDA Awards 2017

Best shared secret

#StarMoviesSecretScreening has turned the country’s movie enthusiasts into a cult.

Less is more

The unconventional marketing of Sanju

We believe talent is all around us, so every year we invite aspiring writers of all ages and backgrounds, locations and genders to join our Star Writers Program.

We Change

We are constantly changing, challenging and doing totally new things. New formats, cutting-edge technology, with the highest quality standards – one of our key principles is to challenge status quo.

We Connect

We have an incredible connection with our people. We are always working to understand their loves, their dreams and how we can help them do and be more.

We Care

We care for our colleagues, our communities and our country. We believe in the power of using media as a force for good by creating content that has a positive impact on society.

Imagine more
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