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Industry perspective on STAR’s growing omnipresence

STAR India recently entered the Telugu TV market with the acquisition of Hyderabad-based channel Maa TV. The network already has good presence in other important regional belts, and adding Telugu, which is the second largest regional market in terms of market potential and viewership, will add to its existing strength. Also, on February 11, the network was awarded the global Internet and mobile rights for the Indian Premiere League (through Novi Digital Entertainment) for Rs 302.2 crore for a th

World Cup: regional advertisers on front foot with low rates

Sanjay Gupta, Chief Operating Officer of Star India said, “The price paid by regional advertisers is going to more affordable in terms of reaching out to potential consumers and we expect 30 per cent of our revenues to come from such advertisers.”

FX’s LOUIE bags both the Comedy Series and Episodic Comedy Series honors for Louis C.K

Telecast on FX India, Monday-Friday 11 pm, the American sitcom Louie, loosely based on the life of famous comedian Louie C.K. took home both honors for its season 4 episode "So Did the Fat Lady," The Writers Guild of America Awards for outstanding achievements in film, television, and radio have been presented annually by the Writers Guild of America, East and Writers Guild of America, West since 1949.

At 25 mn, Indo-Pak match viewership creates history

STAR India Chief Operating Officer Sanjay Gupta said: “We got 25 million views on two of our digital platforms — Hotstar and STAR Sports — with an average duration of 10-12 minutes. We believe this was the biggest number of views on the digital platform ever for a single match, much more than the five million the Super Bowl in the US had received.” The Hotstar application, launched on February 1, hit five million downloads in the past fortnight.

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