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Newsmakers of 2014: TV Shows In The News

SATYAMEV JAYATE: The hard-hitting campaign and the episodes were widely discussed on social networking websites.

TV broadcasters look to monetising the digital beast in 2015

Star India too launched its digital platform for sports content in 2014, This was apart from, the group’s digital platform that already exists for their Hindi GEC content. provided on-demand live video content to subscribers as well as videos and clips on highlights of matches.

As stars descend, Queen reigns at Screen Awards

While entertainment was at the core of the evening, the Screen Awards is a celebration of quality cinema.

Star Utsav to air shows through the week

"The refreshed look of Star Utsav channel is aimed at taping and engaging the rural corners, while keeping at pace with the urban audience. Star Utsav is also known as the 'King of Middle India' because of its reach in every nook and corner of the country, and its affordability. Catering to primarily the women audience, the channel's new arrangement is in sync with a schedule designed to mirror the daily routines of its viewers," the channel said in a press note.

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