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Movies OK welcomes the New Year with a laughter dose of 'Karz Chukana Hai'

As part of the marketing campaign for Karz Chukana Hai, Movies OK executed an engaging session at Group M in Mumbai and Delhi as well as Madison in Delhi.

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Uday Shankar, CEO, Star India said, “For us, this is not just about being the country’s leading sports broadcaster. We want to build a platform that will help nurture heroes out of the millions of passionate, young sports fans across India. We want sports to be the trigger for creating and nurturing outstanding new opportunities for India’s youth.”

The ISL was a resounding success

It was a year in which football went through novel experiences, not all of them positive. There was much that shone but nothing caught our eye like the four elements referenced above.

ISL breathes new life into Indian football

The success of the ISL, at least in the number of eyeballs grabbed, means that money is being pumped into Indian football, the investor confidence is on the rise and more importantly, it has given the players a platform.

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