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Star India gets 90-95 per cent MSOs to sign the new RIO

Star India has completed signing 90-95 per cent of the agreements for its reference interconnect offer (RIO) with multi-system operators (MSOs).

How Star's new RIO is a game changer for the broadcast industry

Star India CEO Uday Shankar said, “Adapting the new RIO would mean the MSOs getting adept in packaging, and secondly honing their sales skills. For the first time they will have to go and ascertain individual consumer preferences. They will now have to maintain a robust subscriber base month after month, it is a somewhat complicated business execution. But if they can do it they can earn more money.”

GEC Watch: Colors beats Zee TV in weekday primetime

Star Plus leads weekday programming with five shows in top 10 followed by Zee TV with 3 and Colors with 2 shows in Week 45.

Television begins to look beyond cricket

Sanjay Gupta, COO, Star India said, “Nobody could produce it. So we had to bring in people who had done contact sports, knew the camera work needed, train the commentators.”

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