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Theek Jeno Love Story

Theek Jeno Love Story is a new age tale of young love. The show is a realistic reflection of the lives and aspirations of the young generation depicted beautifully through the ageless tale of fatal attraction. The show brings together a host of fresh young faces who are sure to sizzle up the screen with their crackling chemistry. The show has been shot extensively in North Bengal and will definitely bring the lush green wilderness to the TV screens.

AgOpinion | Star RIO - a milestone reform for DAS; responsibility for MSOs

Star’s new Reference Interconnect Offer (RIO) is a game changer. It has a transparent and non-discriminatory pricing structure with a clearly iterated innovative structure incentivizing easy consumption of Star channels and promoting consumer choice, while helping its trade partners in digitization.

The biopic challenge for Hindi GECs

Star Plus GM Gaurav Banerjee says, “In films we have a much longer history of creative pursuits; TV is a comparatively new medium. But there is no reason why we can’t or shouldn’t do biopics on television. I think it is more about the first one happening.”

“Star's new RIO: The way forward for DAS” speaks to Star India EVP distribution Krishnan Kutty on the whole Star RIO deal, the incentives and the reaction from the MSOs and distribution community on the new RIO deal.

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