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On the ground with Pro Kabaddi

Lydia Buthello, senior vice president, events, Star India, says, "As Kabaddi is a full contact sport, having the support of people from all age groups, we decided to bring their favourite game closer to them."

21st Century Fox heads talk about Star Sports and Star India

21st Century Fox president and COO Chase Carey said, "Star India finished the year with highest ever share of the market at over 20 per cent driven by Hindi entertainment and regional-language portfolio."

Star Plus: 'Nisha Aur Uske Cousins' to replace Mahabharat

Nikhil Madhok, SVP marketing and programming strategy says, "The show with issues of today's youth and their desire to challenge stereotypes."

Star Plus set to up the ante with 3 new shows

Nikhil Madhok, Sr. VP – Marketing & Programming Strategy at Star, said, “In many ways Nisha and her cousins represent the Star Plus of today – young, energetic, wanting to break the mould and do something new. They respect Dadaji and their elders but don’t always agree with their stereotypical views. The show not only captures the unexplored but extremely interesting dynamic between cousins, but also deals with issues of today’s youth and their desire to challenge stereotypes.”

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