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IPL takes over the web, advertisers flock online

Ajit Mohan, EVP and Head, New Media, STAR India said, “IPL 2014 is perhaps a turning point for sports consumption. For the first time, online consumption of sports is becoming about video, video, and video. And, our investment in creating a world class backbone for video delivery is showing up as a significant improvement in the experience for sports fans, especially on a mobile screen,”

GEC Watch: Unfazed by IPL, Star Plus inches closer to 800-mn mark

Star Plus viewership hit another record by inching closer to the 800-million mark, without any impact from IPL.

#FutureProof: Ushering in India's 'Golden Age' of football with ISL

Uday Shankar, CEO of Star India said, "Inspiring our nation to excel is a priority and comes naturally to us at Star India. With our expertise in marketing and production of sports content, our task is cut out to etch football in the sports culture of India. The nation has been awaiting its second sport for far too long. And we're delighted to collaborate with esteemed partners in the business and sports world to make that happen!"

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