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Why do we need sub-franchises of popular shows?

Star Plus' programming head (non-fiction), Ashish Golwalkar said, “Sub-franchises play a major role if you want to use the strength of the brand without overkill. For viewers also, it is easier. They are watching a bit of the same without over killing the particular kind of content,” he says. “When you go out into the market, if it is a successful sub-brand, advertisers who have earlier had a good experience with us and the brand, will be more than happy to associate with the brand again.”

Channel V empowers young voters with ‘Know your VQ Campaign’

Prem Kamath – Channel Head, Channel V said, “This election is a significant one for India, especially with the enormous number of youth and first-time voters. Channel V has always stood by the needs of the youth, with shows that talk of a carefree yet responsible attitude. This new campaign is another step towards what Channel V stands for. The youth today is curious about the election and we want to be there for them, to be able to make an informed voting decision, thereby playing a key role in

Star Plus and Zee TV’s election mantra

Star Plus Marketing Head, Nikhil Madhok said, “We want to encourage them to exercise their vote and contribute to the country’s progress. However, a lot of them are still not aware that the registration is an important prerequisite to voting. This first phase of our campaign aims to address that.”

Life OK to launch 'Nadaan Parinde' at dual prime time slot

Life OK to launch 'Nadaan Parinde' at dual prime time slot

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