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Star World & Pernod Ricard India Launch a New Show to Decode The Modern Man – ‘Chivas Studio - Gentleman’s Code’

Speaking on the impending premiere of the show, Kevin Vaz, General Manager - English channels, Star India said, "Chivas Studio - Gentleman's Code is an insightful probe into the psyche and inner workings of the modern Indian Man. We're certain that our Star World audiences will be intrigued by what makes men tick and the show will portray a host of new and different aspects to the urban male."

Life OK Screen Awards announces nominations and jury panel

Ajit Thakur, General Manager, Life OK, said, “Life OK recently turned 2 and our endeavor is now to make entertainment bigger and better for our viewers. The 20th Annual Life OK Screen Awards is an important step in that direction. Screen comes with a history of credibility, which only makes the association for us more valuable. The nominations have been announced and it is clear that it will be a tough call for the jury but the best will win.”

Star Sports shoots ad-campaign with Delhi Wave Riders' stars

Juju Basu, Head of Communications for Sports Business, Star India, said, "The core idea behind the campaign is to get India's hockey playing regions to celebrate the game that's been a part of their culture for decades. The campaign is therefore based out of the regions that the teams are from, using iconic backdrops and elements from their hockey heritage."

YuppTV Launches Star Plus and Life OK Channels in USA

YuppTV Launches Star Plus and Life OK Channels in USA. The two premium Hindi channels are available to the US customers as part of a paid package.

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