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Star Sports files eight FIRs against GTPL Hathway

Vijay Rajput, COO, STAR Sports India said, "Despite repeated reminders and requests for payment of our outstanding dues, GTPL did not pay heed. We were constrained to issue a disconnection notice to GTPL as well as a public notice in accordance with the TRAI Regulations on 19th October 2013."

“We are building India’s first Youth GEC, slot by slot”

An interview with the man who has been piloting the Channel [V] ship through its latest journey, Captain (pun intended) Prem Kamath.

starsports.Com launches 'The Sachin Memory Project'

Ajit Mohan, head of digital business at Star India, says: "The response from the fans has been overwhelming. We are delighted that our tribute to Sachin has struck a chord."

Advertisers hit a ton with Sachin's swansong match

Ajit Mohan, head of digital business at Star India, says: "Sachin Memory Project is a unique initiative by to commemorate the Little Master's retirement. is about talking to the most ardent fans of the game. And we wanted to offer them content that was not only exclusive but also true to the way they consume on digital. It's not text or video or a linear way of consumption. The focus is on giving the user control over his experience and letting him chart his own pat

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