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Star Gold’s ‘Blockbuster Diwali Bonus’

Hemal Jhaveri, Executive VP, Star Gold, said, “Following the success of our annual property, Twenty20 Contest, it gives us immense pleasure to introduce another property to engage with our audiences this year. This festive season we are committed to entertaining and rewarding our audiences with the Blockbuster Diwali Bonus, where viewers can win Rs 1 lakh just with one SMS. We hope to make the festive celebrations grander, happier and brighter for our audiences.”

Now 'Mahabharat' on Star Pravah

Star Pravah programming head Jayesh Patil explains, "The Marathi space has been missing this genre and these two shows are the network's prime properties. The whole idea behind spending so much is that the whole network gets to share it,"

Facebook teams up with Star, Discovery

Gayatri Yadav, EVP Marketing & Communications, Star India says, "The first port of call for consumers when they want to talk about content is often social media - people love sharing their thoughts and feelings about the latest shows online. This will help us better understand audience reactions to programming and deliver better real time consumer insight."

Star TV banks on cricket for growth

Sanjay Gupta, chief operating officer of Star TV India, says: "We are betting big on sports, of which cricket is the most dominant content. There is a big potential to expand its share of total viewership. We want to identify Star closely with cricket. That is why, apart from broadcasting rights, we are now getting into sponsorship of the game."

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