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Quandary over ad cap continues for channels

Star CEO Uday Shankar has said it will benefit broadcasters in the long run as more content will make consumers stick with the channels.

Are we pushing HD enough?

Star India senior VP of Legal and Regulatory Pulak Bagchi pointed out, “If consumers have never experienced the quality difference of HD nor understand its attributes, how would they know whether they wanted it or not. Also, does the consumer really understand the difference between ‘HD’ and ‘True HD’ and that having an HD television does not mean that you are viewing HD content?”

First episode of Homeland season 3 to premiere exclusively on the Star World Premiere website

Star World Premiere HD will showcase an exclusive web premiere of the first episode of the latest season of the drama-thriller several hours before the series airs on television in India.

Riding high on 'Mahabharat' ratings, Star Plus tops the chart

CEO Uday Shankar mentioned, "Our aim was to reach out to the youth through Mahabharat and with online receiving good traction, we have succeeded in our attempt."

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