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Will football be to beer what cricket has been for the colas?

According to Vijay Rajput, COO, ESPN Software India, "We have received very positive advertiser interest for BPL 2013-2014 season. Even before the start of the league, we have been able to monetise close to 85% of the available annual inventory."

Star India set to launch new English GEC, Star World Premiere HD

Kevin Vaz, General Manager - English channels, Star India says, “We believe once the channel is launched, India will be privy to the latest seasons of the best American shows on air currently alongside America, changing the viewer experience in India forever. Star India has always focused on innovative strategies to provide entertainment to its viewers and the launch of Star World Premiere HD is an endeavor in this direction.”

Against all odds

Uday Shankar, CEO of Star India, began the discussion by talking about how inconsistent policies and arbitrary curbs on freedom of speech and expression are the two major challenges that have stifled innovation in India’s media and entertainment sector. “A web of processes, regulations and norms have stalled India’s economic growth and the future of the country hinges on our ability to embrace new ideas. No renewal can happen, either in our economy or in our industry, if we are not brazenly open

'There is room for more channels as long as you have a clear positioning and offering’

Campaign India caught up with Kevin Vaz, head, English business, Star India, to find out the thinking behind the launch, the differentiation, content Premiere will air, revenue model and growth of the genre in India.

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