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Who will be India's Junior MasterChef?

Star India senior vice president – programming, Ashish Golwalkar explains: “What they cook there, we cannot cook here because many of the ingredients are not available. The basic essence will be similar to Junior Masterchef Australia, but we have changed it a lot to suit the Indian palate.”

Together they Danced

Uday Shankar, CEO, Star India said, "In India, media and the creative community is often questioned about their role in social responsibility. This is a way of showing that the industry is aware of what is happening around. An event of this scale puts the money where the mouth is,"

STAR India broadcasts charity marathon live on major channels

"The tragedy in Uttarakhand is a solemn opportunity for every Indian to lend a helping hand," said Uday Shankar, CEO, STAR India. "This occasion demands that people join forces to support those in need. It's heartening that people are coming together and our role is only that of a catalyst," he added.

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