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Star TV bowls a googly

Star India’s chief executive officer Uday Shankar and his advisers probably feel that digitization of the Indian cable television industry will unlock the value of the cricket property the company has purchased at an eye-popping premium.

STAR Gold acquires four new movies for an estimated Rs 120 crore

Hemal Jhaveri, General Manager, STAR Gold, says, "The prices of satellite rights for the movies have increased recently. Many of the movies bought by the channel were acquired about a year and a half ago."

Murdoch's Star Group gets Rs 3,851 cr broadcast rights for Indian cricket

Star Group's India CEO Uday Shankar said, "I thank the BCCI for giving Star the broadcast rights. In collaboration with our partners ESPN, we will do a commendable job," he said.

Advertisers will have to pay more post Star-BCCI deal

STAR TV has paid Rs 3,851 crore for the deal, much above the amount paid by Nimbus. Evidently, STAR will have to bring in a 25 per cent hike in revenues from its latest acquisition in order to compensate for the difference.

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