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Million-dollar middle-ager

The 2015 World Cup will easily be the most followed, on television, on social media and on the internet at large. The digital age is here.

576 mn Indians tuned into World Cup in league stage

A STAR spokesperson said, “Team India is on a glory run and passionate fans have rallied around their heroes irrespective of time zones and schedules. With the team geared for the knockout phase, this world cup is set to be the biggest sporting spectacle in the country.”

Cliff-hanger semi-final pushes ad-rates for Star India

Spot buys for the India semi-final will cost advertisers anywhere between Rs 18 to 20 lakh.

GEC Watch: Colors returns to No. 2; &TV grows to 105 TVM

Star Plus recorded a gross viewership of 592 GTVM with a relative share of 24.05%.

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