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Oscars on Star Movies in 2015 can land fans to watch the Oscars 2016 in L.A.

Star Movies is tutoring viewers on the best excuses they could make for the Oscar day, to stay home and watch the Oscars live to beat the Monday blues. Some classics like Aunt Sick, Conjunctivitis, Neck Pain, Fainting and many more creative ideas have already been shared on-air. The movement has gained popularity online where Star Movies urged its followers to submit their excuses with #AwardWinningExcuses.

HD subscription to gain traction with the World Cup?

Star Sports has been broadcasting it over 2 HD channels and have been offering advertisers packages where they can separately advertise on the HD feed. According to media planners and marketers the ad rates for the HD feed is estimated to be in the range of Rs.1-1.5 lakh for a 10 second spot. This is attractive for marketers considering the estimated Rs.5 lakh per 10 second spot for SD channel feeds.

Can India beat South Africa this Sunday?

Star Sports, the official broadcaster of the ICC World Cup 2015, has launched a promo for the forthcoming India-South Africa match to be held on February 22.

Cricket World Cup 2015: A festive ground for new TVCs

The marketing blitz was started by Star Sports, the official broadcaster for the ICC Cricket World Cup, when it launched a TVC emphasising on the history of the two teams in 50 overs World Cup since 1992.

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