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Channel V empowers youth to make an informed voting decision

11 April 2014

There have been many announcements in the recent past about television channels and brands doing their "bit" to encourage people to vote, especially the youth.

Taking a slightly different route, Channel V, the youth entertainment channel from STAR India, has launched a campaign called 'Know your VQ'. Aimed at making the large number of India's first time voters well-acquainted with the 16th Lok Sabha Elections, the campaign aims to empower the youth with information about the General Election this year.

The channel has created a website called The information on the site has been designed in a way so that the youth, hooked on social media, can easily share the information. Visitors on the site can test their own VQ, converse with Channel V and ask questions, the answers of which can be delivered in a doodle. Apart from accessing the library of information to be an informed voter, visitors can also share the funky posters and e-postcards.

Prem Kamath, general manager and channel head, Channel V, says, "This election is a significant one for India, especially with the enormous number of youth and first-time voters. Channel V has always stood by the needs of the youth, with shows that talk of a carefree yet responsible attitude. This new campaign is another step towards what Channel V stands for. The youth today is curious about the election and we want to be there for them, to be able to make an informed voting decision, thereby playing a key role in shaping the country's future.

The campaign is being promoted on-air on the STAR India network, as well as social networking sites via dedicated pages on the campaign. There is a television promo film that features two female friends talking to each other in a beauty parlour. One of the girls says that she is confused if he is the right guy and since it's her first time, what if she makes a mistake. The second girl tries to explain to her that she should go for him, if she thinks he will protect her and be there for her. The film closes with a voiceover that says, 'if you are voting for the first time and want to know more, log on to You will get all the election-related information that will help you take an informed decision'.

Even after the election is over, Channel V plans to maintain this as a year-long property and platform for its audience, which also comprises youth studying in schools and colleges, young professionals and first-time job seekers, interns, and more.

Present across youth touch points on air, online, on ground and mobile, Channel V claims to reach around 16 million viewers.


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