Growing together

Our child day care facilities enable working parents and their children to be close to each other.

Mind matters

An employee’s well-being is at the core of our values at Star; our Emotional Wellness Program helps you share your problems and ask for solutions

A gift of vision

This Diwali, we celebrated the triumph of light over darkness by offering the gift of sight to those who need it the most.

An empowered workplace

Our Annual Leave Policy allows employees to take as many number of days of paid leave at a time as they need to recharge and rejuvenate.

Reach Out to help out

Our campaign on World Mental Health Day aimed to normalise depression

Inspire India to breathe clean air

Triggering a movement to reduce vehicular pollution

Staying fit

How we go from work to work-out every day.

Fit can also be fun

Colleagues that workout together, work well together. At Star, we make it easy for everyone to choose a healthier lifestyle.

From a Marketer’s Lens

Kaumudi Mahajan shares her perspective on creating ideas that touch the heart of the viewer.

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