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Cliff-hanger semi-final pushes ad-rates for Star India

20 March 2015

 ?Spot buys for the India semi-final will cost advertisers anywhere between Rs 18 to 20 lakh.

India’s winning the quarter-final tie against neighbour Bangladesh in the cricket World Cup has increased the frenzy among advertisers for the remaining matches. A 10-second spot on television for the India semi-final will now cost advertisers Rs 18-20 lakh. The semi-final will be played in Sydney on March 26 against the winner of the match between Australia and Pakistan. Both teams are strong rivals and the semi-final promises to be a must-watch. “That India is in the semis assures viewership. But India will be either playing Australia or Pakistan. That means viewer interest will soar, and consequently, advertiser interest,” said a source close to dealings with STAR India. In the 2011 edition of the World Cup, India-Pakistan semi-final spots were sold at an average of Rs 18 lakh for 10 seconds, while spots for the final were sold for Rs 23-24 lakh. This time around the scale of the tournament has been ramped up with matches being available in not two, but six languages across eight channels from the STAR India bouquet. While rates for the India-Bangladesh quarter-final match were around Rs 13-15 lakh for 10 seconds, India’s semi-final clash is expected to go for not less than Rs 20 lakh. These are for last-minute advertisers. The broadcaster has locked in 50-55 advertisers, including 38 sponsors, on the remaining quarter-finals and the ad rate is Rs 10-12 lakh. This may go up to Rs 13-14 lakh, given audiences’ interest in who will play whom in the semis. P M Balakrishna, chief operating officer, Allied Media, part of the Percept Group, said, “This is a critical juncture in the tournament and things can go in any direction. At least a 15-20 per cent escalation in ad rates for India's semi-final clash is expected because India will be truly tested during this match.” The increase in ad rates for India's semi-final match is over 30 per cent. The broadcaster may even contemplate packaging the remaining quarter-finals and the two semi-finals to sell inventory. The high-definition channels’ inventory has been sold out since the league match stage, and 70-80 per cent inventory has been depleted on the standard definition feed (six channels). The high-definition feed was available to sponsors at the beginning of the tournament for Rs 15-20 crore. Advertisers that took the plunge at the beginning of the tournament are reaping the benefits. The 49-match package for advertisers and sponsors on STAR India channels for the World Cup included spot rates of Rs 4.5-5.5 lakh, with a minimum commitment of Rs 20 crore. The same package for regional channels cost Rs 3.5-4 lakh with a minimum commitment of Rs 5 crore. Inventory for only the six India league matches cost Rs 25-30 crore at Rs 6.5-12 lakh for a 10-second spot, depending on the number of feeds chosen.
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