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20 July 2015

The Social Media story that created a first of its kind crowd-sourced story co-authored by storytellers from across the twitter-verse

Mumbai, July 20, 2015: Star India’s latest offering – Star Movies Select HD – has been a delight for all English movie lovers as they are showcasing the best stories from all the genres. The promise of 365 days, 365 stories is exciting, fresh and for the first time gives all the viewers an opportunity to revel amidst fascinating stories.
Now, for a channel that’s custom made for the discerning audience, who cherish wonderful stories – Star Movies Select HD scripted its social media launch journey with a distinct insight.
Star Movies Select HD wants to bring back the joy of storytelling to social media.
Stories – one word that’s powerful enough to hold an entire world in it. We all have a point of view on every story we come across. But, what about those stories? Has anyone ever wondered what it feels like to be a story? The launch campaign of the channel introduced the point of view of stories to the world – one tweet at a time – with #IfIWereAStory
The audience gave the conversation a resounding response - millions of impressions and 1000’s of authors took twitter by storm making #IfIWereAStory trend No. 1 nationally. The campaign even saw international brands participate in response to the hashtag #IfIWereAStory”.
The day ended with a promise – #IfIWereAStory I would be on #StarMoviesSelect
The audience made it loud and clear that they know stories and would love to create them. Star Movies Select HD then set out on spectacular task – to create a crowd-sourced Tweet-Story like never before.
They started the story with a situation. How the story went, its twists and turns – its climax everything was then shared by their followers who naturally became the co-authors of this first-of-its-kind Tweet-Story. This truly engaging social media campaign saw over 14,000 mentions and over 49 Million impressions.
It is time to add pages to the brand new story of Star Movies Select HD, together.
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