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Aamir Khan more concerned about viewership than TRPs

27 June 2012

Few would disagree that they have not been moved by Aamir Khan’s new TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate’. Soon after the show’s debut on May 6 this year, people have been raving about the brilliant concept that the ‘perfectionist’ Khan came up with, in order to bring about a much needed positive change in the society. SJ practically revolutionized TV viewership with millions thronging in front of their TV sets every Sunday morning thereby taking the ratings of the show to astounding levels.

However, when Aamir was asked about the game of TRPs, the actor seemed least concerned. At a press meet recently, Aamir said he is also not bothered by the Television Rating Points (TRPs), seen as a yardstick for any TV programme.

``I am very clear that our viewership is the highest ever. I don`t know what the advertisers do but I will tell you one thing. The reason I am not bothered about TRPs is because TRP number is given by just 7,000 boxes. And how is 7000 boxes going to tell me what India is watching. TRP is very different from viewership. And I am bothered about viewership, I am concerned about it, not the TRPs,`` he said.

About the overwhelming response that his show has garnered in just a matter of months, Aamir said, “I have to say this that it is like a dream response that we are having to the show and this is the kind of response we wanted to have. This is the kind of impact we wanted to have. This is the kind of debate we had hoped to generate and discussions among people across, you know, the country - whether it is small towns, villages or cities, across economic groups. And that is exactly what is happening and me and my entire team is really happy about that.”

Aamir emphasized that he didn’t intend to raise the conscience of the political class in particular, but the change has to come from each one us. “There has to be a change in our attitude. We need to question ourselves. We are looking to provoke people to look inward, rather than outward.”

Source: Zee News?

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