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GEC Watch: Star Plus, SAB herald New Year with their highest ever ratings

9 January 2014

Star Plus and SAB TV entered 2014 with all-time high viewership. The growth of Star Plus was propelled by Big Star Entertainment Awards aired on New Year Eve that became highest ever rated award show in the history of Hindi general entertainment channels.

According to TVT data sourced from TAM subscribers for Week 1 of TAM 2014 (December 29, 2013 – January 4) for CS 4+, HSM markets, Star Plus was a distant No. 1 Hindi GEC followed by Colors, Zee TV, SAB TV, Life OK and Sony.

Riding on highest ever ratings for Big Star Entertainment Awards,Star Plus touched another high in the first week of 2014. The channel fetched highest ever viewership for any channel at 647 million TVT with a relative share of 25.19% (last week 606 million TVT with 24.34% relative share).

Colors held No. 2 position strongly but witnessed a slight decline in its viewership post Bigg Boss 7 Finale. It recorded a gross viewership of 522 million. It had a relative share of 20.33% (last week 527 million TVT with 21.16% relative share).

Zee TV added a viewership of 18 million in its Gross TVT. The channel fetched 449 million TVT with a relative share of 17.48% (last week 431 million with 17.31% relative share).

SAB TV took a leap of 31 million and touched its highest ratings in Week 1 of TAM 2014. The channel widened the gap further from Life OK. SAB fetched 361 million TVT with 14.06% relative share (last week 330 million TVT and 13.25% relative share).

Life OK held its viewership with Gross TVT of 323 million against last week’s 324 million. The relative share was at 12.58% in Week 1 of TAM 2014 against 13.01% in the previous week.

Sony couldn’t maintain the growth momentum it had got in last two weeks. The channel recorded a Gross TVT of 266 million. It had a relative share of 10.36% relative share (last week 272 million TVTs with 10.92% of relative share).


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