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Mauka Mauka Star Sports ad returns with India vs Bangladesh 2015 Cricket World Cup QF match: Will BAN get the mauka?

19 March 2015

If you thought the league stage of 2015 Cricket World Cup was thrilling, then be patient as the quarter finals have just started. And we are not only talking about the on-field action but the off-field drama involving our beloved Mauka Mauka Man. Yes, he is back to floor you guys with his antics once again with the first advertisement of quarter final match between India vs Bangladesh that is to be taking place on March 19 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.
Joining the disappointed yet hopeful Mauka guy from the Star Sports ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 campaign is talented actor Sanjay Mishra in the role of ardent Indian fan. The Mauka Man who is representing the loyal fan of Pakistan cricket team and is always in a lookout of celebrating Team India’s defeat at the hands of any side met his perfect match in Sanjay Mishra who ensures to poke fun at him and his battalion of men. Yes, the Mauka Man has ensured to bring in the complete cricking world line-up with the likes of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Bangladesh.
So far in the 11th edition of Cricket World Cup, the Mauka Mauka man has not been able to celebrate India’s defeat as MS Dhoni’s boys are on a six match winning streak. But now as they face Bangladesh in the quarter finals on Thursday, do we really see an ‘elusive’ mauka on its way? Well, only time will tell who gets to have the last laugh but for now enjoy the latest Mauka Mauka ad in classic kawaali form!
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