Unleashing the sporting revolution

How we get everyone to join the game

Sport is remarkable, not just for the unprecedented limits that it pushes a sportsman to or the incredible stories that become a part of folklore, but its ability to unify people of different backgrounds and create a feeling of belonging among a large audience.

“Star Sports is synonymous with quality sports broadcasting in India and across the world. As pioneers of modern sports broadcasting, we are a catalyst for the modern sporting revolution in India.”

With our massive reach, we have used our varied platforms to both build a dedicated viewer base for many sports, and foster a culture that encourages people to participate in sports. Local sporting leagues, and the sports they amplify such as football (Indian Super League), hockey (Hockey India League), kabaddi (Pro Kabaddi League) and badminton (Premier Badminton League) have seen a phenomenal upsurge over the last five years. The international arena has also been buzzing with major sporting action across a diverse range of sports that are finding their feet in India such as Formula 1, Olympics, and European Football leagues.

PV Sindhu, the first Indian badminton player to win Olympic silver medal

Andy Murray at Wimbledon

Michael Phelps winning gold in Rio 2016

The varied offerings have found a home in Star Sports – with 10 channels including two premium viewing experiences in the Star Select category – meeting the growing needs of the modern sports viewer. The results are for all to see – whether it’s a revival of interest in test cricket or the creation of a new space for an indigenous sport such as Kabaddi, viewership has soared. The focus on real time engagement with sport and a more comprehensive experience have allowed the audience to enjoy the sport on a more personal level. Assistance from channelled support, successful initiatives at grass root level and relevant placement of emerging sports on prominent broadcasting platforms are the building blocks for India becoming a multi-sports powerhouse.


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