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Reference Interconnection Offer as per the Telecommunication (Broadcasting and Cable Services) Interconnection (Addressable Systems) Regulations, 2017 and the Telecommunication (Broadcasting and Cable) Services (Eighth) (Addressable Systems) Tariff Order, 2017

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RIO DAS 12.07.2019
RIO DTH 12.07.2019
RIO HITS 12.07.2019
RIO IPTV 12.07.2019

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Forms for request of signals and modification of existing services
Application for request of signals of Channels of STAR Must Provide 12.07.2019
Form for Amendment of Subscribed Channels and Subscribed Bouquets 12 07 2019
Form for Amendment of Territory 12.07.2019
Form for Amendment of Territory and headend - 12.07.2019
Form for availing Incentives 12.07.2019

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Rate Card RIO Filing 12.07.2019
Qualifying Report Format
Promotional Scheme for Star Sports 1 Bangla
Extension of Transition Period
Revised Incentive
Festive Promotional Offer

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