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More lights this Diwali

We pulled thousands out of darkness by giving the gift of light on behalf of our clients and revolutionised the corporate gifting trend.

A crisp, white card with a golden eye, shining like a star and encircled by a rangoli, reached thousands across the country on Diwali. In the reflection of the soft, morning light the recipients’ eyes lit up reading its contents.

It said that we, on their behalf, had funded an eye surgery, through The Vision Foundation of India and pulled someone out of permanent darkness with just Rs 1500. 

This festive programme sponsored 2076 cataract surgeries across 65 remote hospitals, in 20 Indian states to spread more light during the festival of lights. The idea was to rethink and change the corporate gifting trend by giving a feel-good gift.


Our efforts amplified

We received several e-mails telling us that they loved the idea of being part of the good cause and were also amazed to learn that a small contribution of Rs 1500 can change someone’s life for good. Inspired by the initiative our cards’ recipients also made a personal donation to The Vision Foundation.  

One mail read, “I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful Diwali card and the brilliant idea of gifting in my name. The Vision Foundation of India will be getting an additional and not-insubstantial donation from me personally.”

Another said, “Was inspiring to see the wonderful Diwali gift gesture done by Star on behalf of us. It’s truly inspirational and makes one feel proud to work with a brand that spreads the light by giving sight to the ones who need it. Will treasure the certificate.”

“I can’t even begin to say what a huge impact Star’s gifting campaign has had, Along with giving sight to thousands, Star has also added vigour to the fight against cataract. Thanks to the company’s commendable credibility and reach, other corporates too have come forward to support us in the cause. The effect of the initiative is wide-spread, far-reaching and long-term.”
Bhavana Pande, secretary general of The Vision Foundation.

The ground reality

It’s unbelievable, but true that a large number of children, women and senior citizens suffering from blindness caused by cataract, across India, either don’t have the funds for the simple surgery to remove it or still believe that the irregularity is God’s curse upon them.

Research says that blindness often results in social exclusion, making the visually impaired vulnerable to abuse, poverty and early death. As per the World Health Organisation resolution on Vision 2020: The Right to Sight, the country is working hard to eradicate the widespread problem.


“We decided to champion the cause because we know how impactful the power of vision and imagination is and wanted many others to experience the same. At Star, we believe in the power of television to change the world and eyesight is critical in making that happen.”
Lydia Buthello, Brand Experience and Events team

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