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Star to air ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 in six languages

A Star India spokesperson said, “The passion for cricket in this country is second to none and we, at Star, are committed to making the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup bigger and better than ever. We have a series of path-breaking initiatives in the pipeline ready to be launched in the build-up to the World Cup, across multiple platforms. #wontgiveitback sets the ball rolling and portrays the attitude of this new, young and bold Team India. The campaign connects with the youth in their language, refl

Star Plus’ original programming to begin at 5 pm on weekdays

Genre leader Star Plus is upping the ante further by taking its original programming as early as 5 pm.

Star Gold UK to air Hockey India League 2015

The tournament, now in its second year is being shown on the network as part of an 8-year agreement.

प्रेमकथेची संकल्पना तोडणारी प्रेमकथा : 'प्रीतीपरी …तुजवरी'

या प्रसुंगी बोलताना स्टार प्रवाह वाहहनीचे प्रोग्राममुंग हेड जयेश पाटील म्हणाले क , " स्टार प्रवाहने आपल्या प्रेक्षकाुंना नेहमीच चाकोरीबाह्य मनोरुंजन हदले आहे. प्रीतीपरी …त जवरी ही प्रेमकथेच्या सगळ्या सुंकल्पना तोडणारी प्रेमकथा आहे. आम्हाला खािी आहे क प्रेमकथेतील हा गमतीशीर ग ुंता प्रेक्षकाुंना नक्क च आवडेल. "

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