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Life OK’s promo blitz for ‘Mahakumbh’

“‘Mahakumbh – Ek Rahasya, Ek Kahani’ is based on a curiosity factor and we wanted to highlight it through all our initiatives. Owing to this, we focussed on creating distinct promo-teasers and creatives that would build an intrigue level in the minds of our audiences, before the show goes on-air. Even on the digital platform, we intended to drive conversations through influencers about the uniqueness of the show through a number of innovative activities. With Varanasi being an important tent p

Star Pravah presents ‘Ye Re Ye Re 15’ on 31 Dec

Jayesh Patil, Programming Head, Star Pravah said “The viewers are very well acquainted with Star Pravah characters and their nature. ‘Ye Re Ye Re 15’ will give a pleasant shock to our viewers when they will witness their favorite characters perform in full zest. In the coming year, Star Pravah shows will undergo makeover followed by transition in the lives of our viewers’ favourite characters. A glimpse of these changes will be seen in the fascinating performances at ‘Ye Re Ye Re 15’. We are con

GEC Watch: Zee TV gains most; Colors touches 500-TVM mark

Star Plus recorded gross viewership of 637 GTVM with a relative share of 24.41% (last week 661 GTVM and 27.04% relative share).

And we played cricket too

Uday Shankar, CEO of Star India, which co-promotes and broadcast ISL, says “I don’t think there is anything so unique about our society or character that we have to be a one-sport country. We remained a one-sport nation primarily because no other sports body had either vision or resources. As more games get media support people will start consuming them, playing and investing in them.”

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