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Star Network and MSN’s television offering ‘What’s on Star’ witnesses a high

Nikhil Madhok, Sr. VP, Marketing, STAR Plus said, “Our partnership with MSN has worked towards satiating the need of audiences to access Star Plus’s popular content at their own convenience, For viewers, who want to engage more deeply with the content, there is also some behind the scenes footage not seen on TV. This further strengthens their engagement with our shows and creates a virtual loop. The large fan following of the channel is pretty evident with the enthusiasm with which people have

Broadcasters betting big money on the small screen with Rs 100 crore shows

Nikhil Madhok, Senior Vice President for Marketing at Star India, says the channel is targeting the youth with Mahabharat.

STAR World's gender battle stunt for MasterChef

Kevin Vaz, business head, STAR India, says that the show has a strong fan following. Vaz adds, "MasterChef is not just a show about cooking. It is a competitive reality show. It has a certain fan base for each version, be it MasterChef US, MasterChef UK or MasterChef Australia. Plus, the kind of sponsors that have come aboard have a strong association."

Star Plus fast forwards to the past with remake of ‘Mahabharat’

Nikhil Madhok, Vice-President – Marketing at Star India said, "The story of Mahabharata has been told and retold several times over. But if you see, the current generation of under twenty-fives, that is, those who had not grown up watching Mahabharat on Sunday mornings, would probably not know about the complexity and enormity of the story. By bringing the story into our lives again, we want the younger generation to learn the saga and the history."

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