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Star Sports: A new logo, packaging & brand identity

Head - Marketing & Communications, Star India Gayatri Yadav elaborates, “The new brand identity is a metallic star with an explosive incandescent trail symbolizing the authority and passion of sports.”

Channel V rebrands again; experiments with bi-weekly

Prem Kamath, general manager and head of Channel V, tells afaqs!, "Nothing changes as such. It's really an evolution from where we were. Basically, we continue to be a youth entertainment channel but we are now changing the format of the shows running. We will continue to run dailies but are also experimenting with shorter duration, finite series."

Alive literature on TV with ‘Tumhari Paakhi’

Ajit Thakur, General Manager, Life OK, says," We at Life OK believe in introducing and building characters that every individual can relate to. We believe in every day heroes standing against the tide, battling situations on the basis of resilient values. The show is inspired from Sarat Chandra's renowned novel Navvidhan, and we are going to bring it alive in the viewer's drawing room. With Tumhari Paakhi, we are innovating and venturing into a whole new genre of general entertainment, book insp

Star’s new sporting highs

Presenting a Q&A with Gayatri Yadav, Executive Vice President Marketing & Communications at Star India.

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