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A combination of clarity and will

One year of lifetime of any government is short but this period has been encouraging. The first year of Narendra Modi government has been quite good. We tend to move in a binary manner when it comes to expectations. It is either a great success or a total failure.

"The social contract between media and society must be defined more sharply": Uday Shankar

The 2004-2014 decade has been a very interesting one for the media. It saw enormous ownership in all aspects of media- enormous development in content creation, enrichment of content both in terms of creativity and resources, huge proliferation of broadcast media with a number of channels coming up not just in Hindi but in regional languages too, providing news, entertainment and niche content.

Stop Cribbing, Start Investing

If there is any complaint that I have about the Prime Minister, it is that he has not cajoled and pushed the corporate sector to invest more, says Uday Shankar

The Elite Club

Sanjay Gupta, COO, Star India said, “Premium quality English content allows broadcasters to target premium audiences in the 18-30 age group, who actively consume content on the second screen. With English content we are able to bring in a new set of consumers, which allows us to rope in premium brands to advertise on the channels.”

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