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Star Movies to premiere ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

Star Movies will present the television premiere of the Marvel superhero film ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ on 22 March at 1 and 9 pm.

Mauka Mauka Star Sports ad returns with India vs Bangladesh 2015 Cricket World Cup QF match: Will BAN get the mauka?

If you thought the league stage of 2015 Cricket World Cup was thrilling, then be patient as the quarter finals have just started. And we are not only talking about the on-field action but the off-field drama involving our beloved Mauka Mauka Man.

World Cup 2015: Umpire communications to be on air for knockout stages

The ICC on Tuesday confirmed that TV umpire communications during decision-making will be put to air for the knockout stages of the cricket World Cup.

Star Sports to telecast the highlights of Kidambi Srikanth’s historic Swiss Open badminton title

India’s leading sports broadcaster Star Sports will telecast the highlights of Kidambi Srikanth’s historic championship victory at the Swiss Open Grand Prix Gold.

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