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Star World Innovates to set a new trend with Weekend Programming on TV!

Starting 25th April, viewers will get a chance to watch 30+ shows, 45 different seasons across 52 weekends with 1200 hours of award winning series at one go!

IPL 2015: Bigger & better

Sanjay Gupta, COO, Star India said, "Mobile has emerged as a preferred platform for the 87 million Indians, and we will look to renew the fans’ relationship with their sport again with the Pepsi IPL on hotstar. "

'Bombay Velvet’ song to premiere on Hotstar

Fox Star Studios India chief marketing officer Shikha Kapur said, “We are excited about this premier. We believe this innovation will be a trailblazer for Indian cinema and an example of how it can engage with an audience that is young and on a mobile phone. We live in times where the digital doorway is omnipresent and is fast becoming the most effective and astute way to reach out to consumers. Bombay Velvet is a special film. And its song is being launched on a special platform, hotstar.”

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